Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It Can't Be July

Wow...talk about checking the date. I can't believe it's already July. Boy was June busy.

Had a great trip to Spokane for the Farmchicks show. Unfortunately didn't get any pictures. We were so overwhelmed with the whole experience. Christina did an awesome job. She's great for keeping me on track and organized. We had the chance to do a lil shopping (found some realllly cute stuff), stayed at a wonderful hotel (The Davenport-talk about luxury- it's bathroom was as big as my kitchen) and a great place to eat called Chaps (Celeste does an incredible job and the cowboy decor is to die for - Christina was in heaven). It really has me considering adding a lil bit to my own house. Didn't think I would fall for pink and turquoise...but I did. Came home with far less than we took. Had a great experience and met some great people. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Unfortunately the dates for next year look like they're going to conflict with the twin's graduation.

Came home for 4 days and than headed off with the family for Disneyland. Spent 7 days in the heat and loved every minute of it. Thanks to Dede for turning us on to Gilding the Lily and to the little shop in Costa Mesa.( Pam Garrison's hot spot) Spent hours going through all the pretties at Gilding the Lily. Came home with lots and lots of goodies. Even got to visit with Dede. Can't wait to see you again at Art and Soul in Portland.

Home for a week and got to celebrate birthday number "41" I can actually say it wasn't even depressing. Spent the day at our local parade and had a fabulous dinner with the kids and hubby at my Favorite Beach spot, Roseanna's.

Getting ready for our annual 4th of July party. Fireworks, BBQ and lots of friends. Can't wait to see everyone.

I've finally started working on things again...I'm almost ready for Etsy. Can't wait......

Now pondering....SILVER BELLA. Looks like it would be fun!!!!!!