Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Sweet 19

Happy 19th Birthday glad I got 2 instead of 1.
Love you both!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh Sweet Sunny I love you!

The hubby and I celebrated our 24th anniversary while in Maui.
What better place. Beautiful views and amazing weather
Jenn, Mike and Peyton came with us.

Peyton being buried in the sand by his Dad. Pacifier came in handy so he wouldn't eat the sand!

Dipping his little toes in warm Hawaii water for the first time. :)

Peyton and Grandpa had some major bonding time while gone.
I pretty sure he's one happy Grandpa.

Great views of the volcano. Don't let this be deceiving. It was freezing cold and the wind was blowing like crazy. Elevation 10,000 feet.

Made a trip to Surfing Goat Dairy. Just can't get away from farm life for too long. Peyton got to feed the goats with his Daddy. And they make the yummiest goat cheese.

Mike and Peyton with his new friend!
The trip was short but fantastic. Weather was perfect and had a wonderful time!
Now time to get ready for Christmas!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's a Glittery Girly Thing

Where do I start to describe the time I had with all these girls and about another 180 ones not pictured. Silver Bella has turned into an annual event and I'm so happy to have found this little place of heaven located in Omaha, Nebraska. The creative minds just amaze me, the friendships are life changing and it's like one big party!
These Indiana girls and my roomies are fantastic! Such blissful souls that have so much to offer.
I can truly say...they are amazing friends.
Stephanie, Lori, Hope, Julie (the Roswell, NM girlie who makes the most amazing caramels ever), Natalie, Stacy, Cherie and I after the welcome dinner on Thursday night.

My roomies, Nata-Loo and Stacy-Poo. I love you girls more than you can imagine. Your friendships have meant so much to me. You encourage me, make me laugh and are always there for me. It's amazing how you can have friendships with girls you only see maybe once or twice (working on that three times) a year. Thanks goodness for email.
Me and Cari Kraft, the shredded paper queen. This girl is so talented. She made the most adorable centerpieces for our luncheon. And she sent me home with a big box of paper shred. Thanks Sweetie....I love that stuff!

Natalie, Stacy, Rebecca Sower, Julie and I.
What an amazing instructor Rebecca is. So warm and friendly. This was my favorite class and I can't wait to do more. Here style is out of this world and I'm so in love with it.

Vendor table. It's amazing how many goodies you can put on a 6 foot table. Great night, sales were good and I meant more fabulous glitter loving gals.
As always, this trip was amazing. The new friendships, talents shared by them, and connections made are so worth it. I'm so glad I have the chance to attend the event. Wish Colleen could have made it...miss you girl! Maybe next year.
I wish I had more pictures to share....I'm not good at the whole camera thing. Ask my family about that one.
Thanks to all my Bella you all.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

Utter Chaos

Help.... I think I need a 12 step program. I wanted you to take a look into my chaos right now. I've got way too many projects going on and I think I've tipped the craft room upside down.
Can I really get anything done in this mess?? Wish me luck! Maybe I need a little cleaning intervention tonight. Some chaos is good but this is ridiculous!
Calgon take me away....


Monday, October 26, 2009

Jumping on the Jewelry Bandwagon

Boy have I been busy....don't you just love all this goodness! Been soldering and torching like crazy. These are components waiting to be made into something fabulous! At least I hope ;)
Trying to get a few pieces done for Silver Bella. Count down to 2 weeks until boxes have to be shipped. YIKES!!
Below are just close-ups of a few pieces.

Until next time

Friday, October 23, 2009

Getting Things Done...with just one little Distraction

Well, for starters I told you these little girls would call out to me how they wanted to be accessorized. So late last nite I set to work. I'm not a big "Marie" fan but I think her hat is calling her name.
Running out of room....guess it's time to start boxing things up. Snowgirls and supplies abound.

Ornies crammed on top of each other. The little shoes need a little finishing today.

My punkin girl made at Terri Brush's art retreat. Not the best photo...but I love how she turned out. I found some little doll bodies I've had forever so I'm thinking snowgirls they will become ;)
I'll let you know how that goes!

And this is my one little distraction. He thought he needed to play with my camera yesterday so I decided we needed to take a picture. He loves looking at himself in pictures. Gotta love that little boy! Can't wait to spend a week in Maui with him and his mommy and daddy!
Off to finish some stockings, jewelry and those little snowgirls.
Tomorrow....antique show and Queen of Tarte's show. Yeah!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Class Projects.... Almost Finished and a Halloween Treat

I love white, love, love them. Sprinkle them with mica and they're even better. I decided I needed a piece of Halloween art for myself. I love how it turned out. Now I'm waiting for the mica to dry on my paper mache pumpkin doll I made in Terri's class to sit with it. The doll is so cute...can't wait to show you pictures.
Aren't these crystals the sweetest things? The project was to make them for necklaces, which was great but I have another idea for mine. Now I'm in search of an old metal lampshade and these are going to dangle from it with pretty ribbons. Mmmmm....yummy! I love the mannequins. Now if I could only find an old one to display jewelry on I'd be in heaven.

Not a great shot. This was the competition piece for Terri's class. I didn't solder anything at class so home she came to finish. Kat gave us the old test voila it became a little flower vase. I think she's going to sit on my window sill in the kitchen.

And the last piece...the soldered house. Thanks Joy for the little piece of bling. It really needed it. This is one side.

And this is the other. Notice I use this picture a lot it seems. They are my maternal grandparents and I adore this picture. Just happen to still have the picture in my bag from the weekend befores class. So glad I did.
Okay....I really must be sick. Three posts in a row. What was I thinking??
Off to the art room for more creations today....yeah!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Art in Progress

During the art retreat this weekend the comments about how bad I am at posting and showing my art was topic of discussion. So here goes a little look at the works in progress. If you're in the Sweet Treat Swap for Silver Bella, close your eyes at the last picture unless you don't want to be surprised! ;) A collection of snowman heads waiting to be turned in to something adorable!
These little guys were just aching for me to roll them in mica. Oh how I love my mica.
And yes, 50lbs of mica will last a lifetime. Just be warned!

These little ladies are waiting for finishing touches. Not sure what that is yet but I'm sure they'll be whispering ideas to me everytime I look at them. There really good about that.

A grouping of a few finished pieces and a few not. I'm totally loving the baby shoes. And that paper shred from Cari Kraft is amazing. Just love it!

A whimsical little clock, Lisa Kaus style. Thought I needed to add one of my birdies too!

This is the picture I worked on in Stephanie Lee's Selective Painting class at Art and Soul. I'm so in love with the technique. I'm hoping to do some things on a smaller scale for Silver Bella. Let's hope I can get them done.

The one finished piece from Terri Brush's Art Retreat. I adore this look. I really am more of a rustic girl at heart.
Ok...don't peak if you're a Sweet Treat swap partner. Thought I'd show you a little sneak of what I put together.

A soldered charm made from a copy of an original piece of art I made. I put the same imagine on the tin for the charm to rest inside.
So, there you go. A little look at what I've been doing and the oodles of things I have to finish. And that doesn't count the 50 million ideas swimming in my head. Oh there just isn't enough time in my about yours?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Little Art at the Beach

So excited I got to spend a few days with my friend and art companion, Natalie. She flew in from Cali to attend an art retreat put on by Terri Brush. Since I live so close I joined in the fun. Wow, talk about an over-the-top experience. So many projects!!
Food cooked for us by Julie (she's an amazing cook).
I didn't attend all day both days but definitely got my share of goodies started. Yes I said started and not finished. I'm hoping to finish them tomorrow along with a couple pictures I did from Stephanie Lee's class the weekend before.
This is the group shot of everyone who attended the event. Great group of ladies I might say. So glad I got to know Terri and my table mates, Joy, Sheila and Kat. Sounds like Terri is conspiring with Natalie to do another event. Think I might just have to attend that one too. (Maybe Colleen and Stacy can make this one...hope you girls are reading this)
But shhhh...don't tell my hubby yet! He thinks I'm spoiled taking all these classes.
Maybe so...but they've been so inspiring. I've got my brain on overload with so much new info. I can't wait to put it to use creating new ideas.

Trying to finish up packaging my swaps for Silver Bella. They're all done except the packaging. I think more time goes into that than the piece itself. It's all about the presentation...right!

Thanks girls for a fabulous weekend.
Can't wait to see Natalie and Stacy in 4 weeks.
OMAHA here we come!!!


Friday, September 4, 2009

A Look Back At Summer

Ok...ok...enough already about not posting all summer long. It's been a busy and adventurous summer. First time I can remember that I actually vacationed and played all summer long. Don't get to do that very often.

June started off with the craziness of high school graduation for Melissa and Stephanie. Ceremony was fabulous and we had a little party that following weekend. Lots of family and friends came to wish them well. Oregon State and University of Oregon watch out. These girls are heading your way.

School ended for Chris a week later and off we went on our South trip. Spent 3 days at the CMA Festival in Nashville. We had a blast! Weather was a little "HOT" but oh well. Us Oregon Coasters are not use to that much heat. Saw a couple awesome concerts with the kids' favorite singers. How can you describe Miranda Lambert, Heidi Neufeld, Taylor Swift, Sugarland, Kenny Chesney, John Rich and Montgomery Gentry all playing in one concert. 4 1/2 hours of music...Wow! By about 3 hours the boys were ready to hit the road but not us girls. We could have stayed all nite long. ;)

Everytime we ate at Cracker Barrel (everyone's dinner choice) we spent at least an hour rocking and playing checkers.

Next off headed to Memphis and than south. Made our way through Mississippi, Louisiana (tell me why anyone would go there...yuk but it was also 110F and 100% humidity), Alabama, Kentucky and rounded back out through Nashville. Loved Kentucky, what a beautiful place. Last night in Nashville we were greeted by a major lightning and rain storm. Boy, I thought we got rain. Hotel lost power and we had to be re-routed to another hotel.

We sent the boys home and the girls and I went off to New York for a few more days of play. Oh how we love New York. We shopped and shopped, saw 2 great Broadway shows and got a great tour by some of New York's finest firemen. They BBQ'd for us and took us for a ride in the fire truck. Wow, that was fun!

Well, wasn't home a week and took Steph for 2 days to orientation in Eugene at University of Oregon. Still can't believe she's gonna be a DUCK!! Then next week followed with 2 days of orientation in Corvallis at Oregon State University with Melissa. Chris is glad at least she's a BEAVER!!!
The mid of July brought my Bella Girlfriends to town. Oh how I love these girls. Natalie, Colleen and Stacy thanks for coming and playing with me. I love my goodies! It's so nice to get a chance to hangout with girls that just get you. Hope we can do it again really soon. I'm all up for shopping, food and fun art classes. You know Colleen, I'm gonna have to get that Fart Book for Chris for Christmas! I can't believe how hilarious that was. Hope the boys' liked it

Me, Lisa Kaus, Natalie, Stacy and Colleen...Lisa Kaus' Workshop

August started off with County Fair time...boy what a long week. Worked at the church fair booth everyday. Didn't really see much but had a good time working with some great people.

Mid August took us to Kahneeta Resort with Joan and Matt. Just Chris and Steph joined Joe and I. Played a little in the Indian Casino, had a great Salmon Bake and an adventurous water rafting trip. Let's just say Joan and I didn't have the best of luck. I think we spent more time getting thrown to the middle of the boat and baling water than we actually did rowing. Fun times though. I know Joan won't be rafting again anytime soon!

The end of the month ended sadly with the loss of a special friend, Lloyd Miles. I'm so glad we had the chance to spend the weekend with them in May. You just don't realize how precious life is. Our hearts go out to Becky, Daniel, Andrew and Catherine. A true testament to such a great person....over 800 people attended his service. We'll miss you!!

Now we're rolling into September. Joe, the boys and Steph are heading to the first OSU game of the season. Not sure how our DUCK is going to disguise herself at the BEAVER game! Chris starts school next week. We move Steph in the weekend of the 12th, Melissa the weekend of the 19th and school starts on the 28th. Not sure when Brian is moving his stuff but he starts on the 21st. He's planning on commuting the first month until corn season is over.

And as everyone is ready to leave the nest, we added a new little friend to our household. The cutest little puppy ever! It'd be all great if they came potty-trained!!!

Now Fall finds us busy as ever. I'm trying to get my new website up and going and working on goodies for Silver Bella. Don't you just love staying busy!!


And that's the end of our summer......look out Fall here we come.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Off to the lands of Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana and Kentucky. Praying those tornadoes stay out of the picture.
Then off to New York City for a little shopping, theater and bakery stops.
What a fun vacation!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Oh Melissa and Stephanie, I am so proud of you. You have accomplished so much this year. Congrats on all the scholarship awards.
Watch out OSU and U of O, you've got two amazing girls heading your way!
Me, Melissa, Steph and Dad.
Can you tell we are proud and happy parents??

Nothing makes our clan happier then goofing for the camera. I just love this picture. Totally suits their personalites.
Mike (Jenn's Hubby), Jenn and Peyton, Christina, Melissa, Chris, Stephanie and Brian
I'm so glad we have fun-loving kids. Makes life a much more enjoyable place.

Graduation BBQ
Of course we had to pick college colors for decorations.

Sugar cookie bouquets I made for the tables.

Joe, aka BBQ master, preps his yummy honey BBQ chicken and ribs.
Tasty stuff...even if I am a little bias.

Great turn out to wish the girls luck. Love time spent with good friends and family.
Just a little clean up left. Mainly returning borrowed chairs and tables. Not much food left. leftovers.
Now time to get things caught up here before we leave Friday for vacation. Can't wait. Heading to Nashville on through Alabama, Louisiana back up to Kentucky and return to Nashville.
Then the boys head home and Christina, Melissa, Stephanie and I head to New York for 5 days.
The boys don't have any use for the city so we're off to play, see a couple shows and hopefully do some shopping. Bring on the heat...I'm ready!