Monday, October 18, 2010

Months of Sadness and Happiness

Oh boy......where do I even begin. I've been away for so long. When your college daughter says you've not posted in forever, you know that's an issue. That they take time to read this silly thing, makes me happy!

Well, my last post was when the hubby, daughter #2 and her fiance, and I headed to Spokane for the fabulous Farm Chick show. It was amazing to say the least. Found some wonderful did Christina! Got a chance to see a few smiling faces I've come to meet over the years! That was as much fun as the show! Just hoping next year's show isn't the same weekend as Chris' graduation from high school!

You know how summer home from college and out of school, everyone working summer jobs, lots of yardwork, spending lots of time with grandson, Peyton and just plain farm life! Really can't even begin to tell you what we's been so long ago!

August started off with a bang. Getting ready for fair week....which means being second in command at our church food booth! And then life throws you something you weren't ready for....Joe's sister died suddenly from a massive heart attack at 47. No warning signs....nothing. Joe's family is so close.....closer than most families I know. Well when tragedies strike....this family rallies. Within hours everyone was home! And let me tell's been hard....extremely hard. She has 3 kids, 19, 17. and 15 and a husband that's not sure where life's going. It's not fair....everyone's grieving and still asking why. I guess that's normal...whatever normal is.

Now we're watching the final stages of lung cancer take another one close to our family. She's like another Grandma to my kids and my mother-in-laws best friend. What a ferocious disease this is!

But with all sadness...comes happiness. We all got to come together in September to watch Christina and Patrick get married. It was such a bright spot after so much sadness. Wedding chaos was good to keep our minds on track. And what a wedding it was..... rain doesn't damper this family.

Now everyone is settling back into normal routines. Whatever that is... Christina and Pat bought a foreclosed house. So painting and cleaning are on the top of my list of to do's. The twins are back at school...both at Oregon State. Yeah!!! And definitely loving it! Chris is a senior in high school. Brian's home working on the farm and will finish up his degree Winter term. Jenn and Mike are expecting a baby girl in December. Peyton is the apple of our eye. Grandpa is in a blissful state whenever he's here!

And me....not really sure what's next? A trip with the fantastic girlfriends to Omaha in November for sure! But after this kind of year, I'm not taking anything for granted! Kinda looking at life through a whole new set of eyes. What's really important???? Family and Friends. That's where my priorities are!!!!