Sunday, December 28, 2008





Monday, December 15, 2008

Winter Formal

Bob, Charlie, Mara, Melissa and her boyfriend, Patrick
Lara, Daniel, Kristin, Walter, Kaitlin, Marquise, Stephanie and Taylor.

Thought I'd share a few photos of the girls from the dance on Saturday. Last Winter Formal for these seniors

Craft Day with The Girls

First off, Jenn and Melissa had to get a photo op with Jenn's dog, Lola.

Check out Steph in the camo safety goggles. Safety first....right. A little grinding to make these.
Just need to rivet closures on. Great idea for friend's presents.

Christina taking a break from soldering for a lil' Lola time. This dog is a complete attention grabber.

Melissa working on a stocking for her friend.
Great thing....while the girls were working on goodies I cleaned my craft room. YAHOO!!!
Clean before the holidays. I can't believe it.
Headed off to Las Vegas for a few days tomorrow. Christina is joining us and her boyfriend is meeting up with us there.
Have a great week!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

Thought I'd share a few of my favorite Christmas things. My sweet angel I made at Sally Jean's class over the weekend. I love these candles from Crate and Barrel. The most scrumptious glittery green.
Aren't these snowman adorable. Part of my collection from Christine Crocker of Deerfield Farmhouse.
And the stockings were hung by the fireplace with care.....only I'm still missing 4. Ran out of hooks as I was trying to finish and as normal not any to be found in the house.

I LOVE pink poinsettias. The lil mercury birds we used at Jenn's wedding at the bride and groom table. Oh how I love mercury glass.

Fun grouping. Made the snowman last year in Pam Garrison's class at Silver Bella. Jenn made the little cupcake picture on the right. I should have moved the flowers because it has the cutest grouping on the other corner of vintage aqua balls inside of cupcake liners. I know, try and envision it.

My dear sweet angel.

Santa by Amanda Willey of HodgePodge. The collage behind is one I did for Joe. It's done with

old ledgers and paperwork from when his Dad started the farm in the 1950's. The truck pictures I used were from all the trucks they've had over the last 50 years arranged as a load of hay on our newest truck. I adore this picture.
The little bird from Silver Bella. I made a couple of these for Silver Bella to sell at vendor night. I made 3 more so if anyone is interested, let me know.
I've also been working on lots of letter charms.

Now that I spent the morning sharing I need to get busy. I promise Natalie, I'm working on that special piece for you. I hope you love it!



Monday, December 8, 2008

Look What I Did.....

Spent all day Friday getting ready for this day only show. It turned out really well. A friend and I have joined forces and are trying to do 4 shows a year. Our love for vintage and art inspired us. This time around we only had two other vendors but it was great!!

I do love that extra money for the holidays. I think I really need to get a white tree like this one. It turned out so darn cute!

Just a little winter scene. I don't know if you can see those newspapers on the bench. A score Lori found from the 1960's. All related to Kennedy family events and man walking on the moon. I could have read papers for days.

Ok Natalie....I know these look familiar. I snatched your adorable idea. Made a few to sell and the rest are getting used as Christmas gift card holders. I absolutely love them.

I have a few of these little guys left for sell. I made them smaller than the one I did for Silver Bella. If anyone's interested let me know. I also have 3 of the cones with that adorable little bird and the rhinestone necklace left. I'll post pics of those later.

Then there was Sunday.
Christina and I headed to Portland to attend a Sally Jean tree topper class. Well we liked the idea of enclosing her and making a vignette inside of her. Didn't they turn out adorable. Christina's is on the left and mine is next to hers with the little tree and snowman inside.
This class was amazing. As is her studio. This was my second trip to her studio and you could just spend hours looking through her goodies. She gives you open reign to look at everything and anything. Check out her studio pics in Where Women Create magazine. It's even better in person.
Spent all day Monday putting together order for my cheese mail order company. I had about 50 orders to go out. This weekend is the big one. I think I have about 300. Yikes!!!
I'm off for the day. Christmas shopping in Portland with my Mom. I'm sure hoping I can find what I'm looking for and get things done. I still want to have a little time to play with some projects.
Well girls, have a wonderful week.