Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Twenty-five years ago I married my high school sweetheart!
Thanks for being a wonderful husband, father, and best friend!
You make me smile everyday!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Months of Sadness and Happiness

Oh boy......where do I even begin. I've been away for so long. When your college daughter says you've not posted in forever, you know that's an issue. That they take time to read this silly thing, makes me happy!

Well, my last post was when the hubby, daughter #2 and her fiance, and I headed to Spokane for the fabulous Farm Chick show. It was amazing to say the least. Found some wonderful treasures...as did Christina! Got a chance to see a few smiling faces I've come to meet over the years! That was as much fun as the show! Just hoping next year's show isn't the same weekend as Chris' graduation from high school!

You know how summer is.....kids home from college and out of school, everyone working summer jobs, lots of yardwork, spending lots of time with grandson, Peyton and just plain farm life! Really can't even begin to tell you what we did......it's been so long ago!

August started off with a bang. Getting ready for fair week....which means being second in command at our church food booth! And then life throws you something you weren't ready for....Joe's sister died suddenly from a massive heart attack at 47. No warning signs....nothing. Joe's family is so close.....closer than most families I know. Well when tragedies strike....this family rallies. Within hours everyone was home! And let me tell you....it's been hard....extremely hard. She has 3 kids, 19, 17. and 15 and a husband that's not sure where life's going. It's not fair....everyone's grieving and still asking why. I guess that's normal...whatever normal is.

Now we're watching the final stages of lung cancer take another one close to our family. She's like another Grandma to my kids and my mother-in-laws best friend. What a ferocious disease this is!

But with all sadness...comes happiness. We all got to come together in September to watch Christina and Patrick get married. It was such a bright spot after so much sadness. Wedding chaos was good to keep our minds on track. And what a wedding it was..... rain doesn't damper this family.

Now everyone is settling back into normal routines. Whatever that is... Christina and Pat bought a foreclosed house. So painting and cleaning are on the top of my list of to do's. The twins are back at school...both at Oregon State. Yeah!!! And definitely loving it! Chris is a senior in high school. Brian's home working on the farm and will finish up his degree Winter term. Jenn and Mike are expecting a baby girl in December. Peyton is the apple of our eye. Grandpa is in a blissful state whenever he's here!

And me....not really sure what's next? A trip with the fantastic girlfriends to Omaha in November for sure! But after this kind of year, I'm not taking anything for granted! Kinda looking at life through a whole new set of eyes. What's really important???? Family and Friends. That's where my priorities are!!!!


Friday, June 4, 2010

Look Out Spokane...here we come!

Boy what a busy last couple of weeks. I have so much to share with you guys.
First my trip to California and then hand surgery.
But it'll have to wait....this takes center stage this weekend!
I'm ready for a fun-filled weekend of shopping, relaxing and seeing old and new friends!
Catch ya next week!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sunny California Weekend

Off to sunny California tomorrow morning for a busy weekend of teaching at Gilding the Lily.

A little heavenly store in Fullerton, CA full of all things wonderful.
You can spend hours and hours looking through every little box of treasures....
I always manage to come home with some fabulous finds!

I'll be teaching these two pieces

Spending Friday night at the Crescendoh launch party in Orange, California.

Can't wait to see what Jenny Doh and her team have up their sleeve!

She's starting something amazing with "Art Saves"
I always forget to take the camera out of the bag and snap pictures.

Hoping I'm better at it this weekend.



Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Jewelry Fix

I've been searching for some new display pieces for jewelry and just hadn't found what I wanted. Well while at the thrift shop the other day I found this....well not exactly like this.
It was originally a gold painted mirror. Voila...a little white paint and some linen and Adorable.
Definitely what I wanted!
Thought I'd share what I've been working on lately.
Remember the mini paintings from the previous post...
well here's what I did with a few of them.

And a few different ideas for the class I'm teaching at Gilding The Lily next week.
Can't wait to be back in California....where the sun shines all the time.
Can't wait to see everyone again.
Love teaching at that place and surrounded by all the beautiful goodies.
Hope to see you there!

Hope you'd enjoyed the little glimpse of a few of the things I've been keeping myself busy with.
Lots and lots more to come! I think I'm on a roll!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Oh Decisions....

Oh goodness do I need some help. Fabric swatch samples came today for the couch I bought at the rummage sale. They all have a linen look background.
Hmm...I like the brown. Maybe with the main part of the couch the floral and the seat cushions dark brown.
Or do I love the linen back lighter patterns better? Oh decisions...
Will it hold up to kids, grandkids and dogs?
Let me know what you think.
Here's the couch below.

Come on girls...don't let me down. Let me know what you'd do!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Great Day...with the Kids

What a wonderfully sunny Mother's Day!
The kids and I went for a Mom's day breakfast at one of our fave's,
Alices Country House.
Spent the morning laughing, chatting and of course eating. I love it when everyone is home and we can have some major family time. Just wish Joe could have been there to enjoy it with us. He'll be home tomorrow from Belgium.
I can't believe what amazing adults these kids are becoming.
I'm so proud of the paths they have taken and are setting out to take.
I am truly blessed that God has had a part in their destiny
and they welcome him with open arms.
Who would have thought 25 years ago I'd have
6 kids, 2 son-in-laws (Patrick almost) and a grandson.
I am one thankful Mom to have such a fantastic family!
They'd step up to the plate for anyone who needed it.
And what would our family be without another one of our favorite pics!
We're pretty sure Chris wasn't saying the pledge of allegiance...but with him you never know.
Still gotta work on those son-in-laws. They don't quite get it yet!
Maybe next year!!
Thanks for the fantastic day kids.
Your Momma loves you bunches.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day Blessings

No better picture depicts my kids than this picture. This is their true form.
I'm so thankful to have children that make me laugh, make me cry and make me proud!
Didn't ever think I get to this spot......they're almost all grown up!
Makes me kind of sad.
They've turned in to some pretty amazing people.
Thanks guys for letting me know...I did good!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Loving the Minis...

Sometimes things work how you want them to. Even on the small scale.
I'm definitely loving these little pictures using black and white pics and watercolors.
And they're the size of a small matchbox.
Now to the next step....
what should they become???
I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Week of Prayer

Sometimes life throws a horrible situation at you....and you pray. And you pray some more.
Lots of visits to church, adoration and silent prayer in the quiet of my car.
The situation didn't have a happy ending but knowing he's in heaven and at peace is solice.
I am so thankful for my faith and the way it has guided my family.
Along the way I've been blessed to learn college students are an amazing group of people.
I've never seen young people come together for someone they didn't know but were supporting friends. You are truly amazing!!
I pray the 10 people that were lucky enough to have a part of him are on the road to recovery and know what a blessing he was!
Oh Frank...we'll miss you!
God Bless Us All,

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Birthday Wishes...

Happy Sweet 24th Birthday




Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Finds

Boy has somebody been looking over my shoulder. Check out this couch I bought today at the church rummage sale. Rummage...I think not. It's fantastic. Even the fabric isn't half bad.
But I'm thinking maybe something more cream and chocolate!
We'll see....just couldn't pass it up.
A few little trinkets. Loved....loved...loved the old bible.

And what girl wouldn't want a miter saw for $15. Well, I've been wanting one for years and it just said pick me....pick me.
Works like a dream too!

Have a fun weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I Have Amazing Friends...

Wow have my friends been thinking of me lately.
I'm so blessed to have such good friends!
This book arrived a couple of weeks ago from Colleen. She knew I would love it.
And boy was she right. The recipes are amazing. The stories fabulous.
So far...fantastic. I've tried the cinnamon rolls and onion strings.
What a hit they've been!
Can't wait to try some more recipes.
Hubby thanks you too...he even read the book!

And this arrived today.

Natalie just knows me to well.

I guess being known

as the "dairymaid", as Stacy says, has its pluses.
Isn't it amazing.

The little people are so adorable.

Isn't it wonderful to have friends that just "GET YOU"

Thanks Girlies!!!

I love them!



A Look Inside

Thought I'd offer you a peak inside my art room.
The old hosier is my soldering, torching and grinding station.
All my glass and supplies are stored inside.
The fabric covered table is full of vintage linens and ribbons.
My sewing station. This one doesn't get used as much as it should.
I really miss sewing!!

Jewlery making work station.

The hummer of a wall unit. It's 7 feet long and almost 8 feet tall.
Let just say it holds a lot!
I should have taken pictures of the built in closet.
It's all organized now with tons of storage bins.
Just thought I'd share a little peak in to my little piece of heaven!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Diamond in the Rough

I'm so over the top excited. This is what the hubby brought me this morning.
Isn't it fabulous!
He was at a friend's farm this morning and it was heading to the burn pile but it was too heavy for him to move. Hubby said I'll move it for you and brought it home!
Can't wait to clean it up a little and admire!
Could this possibly be a new coffee table!!!

A Heavenly Day

What started as a Good Friday day of running errands for Easter weekend turned into an amazing stop at an estate sale brimming with treasures for me to take home.

Isn't that little beaded purse amazing. Made in Belgium (my mother-in-laws) home country. It's amazing.
Jewels and more jewels. Steph was with me and just had to have the Glenn Miller cassette tapes. Not that I don't love him either! And check out those little oil containers. I have a thing for those. Don't ask me why but I just love them.

These little treasures were in a bag of scraps the lady told me to take. There's 10 of them and they were all hand stitched. I can't imagine the hours this little lady took to stitch them!

Two lovely quilt tops...score $5 each. And look at that Grandma's cookie jar. It'll probably never be filled. It's so big it would probably take 12 dozen cookies to fill it! :)

And heaven. The lady couldn't believe anyone would want all this religious stuff. I told her I was Catholic but she was still surprised. Amazing chain on those rosaries!

Aren't these the cutest little Avon bottles. I'm thinking these crown bottles are awaiting a creation for Silver Bella. Don't you think so too??

Loving the pictures and the statue is the most beautiful color. And what could be more perfect than the 2 little lambs. Oh and Colleen...if you're reading this, a little piece of that heavenly blue velvet is on its way to you. I know some little dolly is just waiting for it!
One perfect Good Friday!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Blessings

Wishing everyone a Blessed Easter!

Monday, March 29, 2010


I can truly say that I've had a very blessed last few months. From teaching in Texas in February and California in March, attending Kim Caldwell's Alice in Wonderland event in California and being a vendor, and getting to spend some quality time with some of the most amazing artistic women! Friends who have your back and encourage you more than they realize. My life has evolved since these women have entered my life. I've opened up, put myself out there and took some chances. What started 4 years ago on a whim of attending an event in Omaha...flying solo...not knowing a soul has brought these amazing people into my life. I would have never crossed paths with them if it wasn't for Teresa McFayden and her Silver Bella event!
And to them I am thankful and blessed.

Thanks for being my friends and encouraging me!

Colleen Moody, Shea Fragosa, Natalie Hansen, me and Stacy McGinnis



17 years....where did the time go?

17 years ago I gave birth to the last baby of the family. Wow time sure flies!
Happy Birthday Chris!!
Love you bunches,

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Lil' Man

Can't believe it's been a year since this lil' guy came into our lives.
I didn't realize how fun being a Grandma was going to be.
This guy is a keeper!
Happy 1st Birthday Peyton!
Love you Bunches!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

So Blessed.....

Wow...isn't this place amazing. I called this lovely Methodist church, aka Debbie and Shea's heavenly home, home away from home for a few days. Talk about feeling like a princess. These two ladies hosted Heart and Communion in Dallas, Texas. What an amazing event and I got the privilege of teaching a fused metal class with Natalie Hansen.
These girls put on one heck of an event.

Friday night we went to dinner and had the most scrumptious food. Even Chef Blythe came and visited with us and posed for a great picture. It was so nice catching up with the Texas girls and Sandy and Cheryl from Cali.
More to share later!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Can you say Scrumptious

Well I treated myself to a few hours of splurge. I've been so needing to restock my bead supply and low and behold they were having a Gem Faire in Hillsboro. So off I went....by myself. No one to say.... come on are you ready yet. Pure heaven.
I'm not one that really likes all the crystals and that kind of stuff. But let me tell you, only 4 booths and a couple hours later. This is what I got. The colors are fabulous and the textures wonderful. Not your typical Michael's and Joanne's beads by any means.
Now I can't wait to play.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Wedding Bells A Ringing

Looks like we'll be adding a new member to our family this summer!
Welcome to the family Patrick.
You've made Christina one happy girl!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Valentine Inspiration

All I needed for a little inspiration was to be part of the Valentine Petite Inspiration Box swap hosted by Heather of Speckled Egg. Oh I had so much fun gathering all the little treasures to head off to Jenny, Stephanie and Joanna. So girls.....don't peek if you want the surprise spoiled!

Hope you girls enjoy these!



Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Creating

I can't believe how truly happy I am when I get to play in the art studio. Here's a glimpse at a few of the latest necklaces. I've gotten so many things done this week....yeah!
Just wanted to share a little of my happiness :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Join Me in Texas Y'all

Come join me at this wonderful event in Texas. You'll be inspired.
I'm so excited to be teaching and attending this fabulous event.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Heart and Communion

Wow...things are sure looking great for 2010. One of my best buds, Natalie and I are heading to Texas to teach at this wonderful event called Heart and Communion. Check it out at http://www.whathappensnext.typepad.com/

Here's a few peeks at what I've been working on for the event. On day 2 of this fabulous weekend our hosts, Shea and Debbie will be teaching an altered chandelier class. Amazing and over the top. Come join us on February 6 and 7 in Dallas. Everyone needs a reason to get away right?

Plus added bonus is I get to see this other best bud, Stacy. Love that girl.