Monday, March 29, 2010


I can truly say that I've had a very blessed last few months. From teaching in Texas in February and California in March, attending Kim Caldwell's Alice in Wonderland event in California and being a vendor, and getting to spend some quality time with some of the most amazing artistic women! Friends who have your back and encourage you more than they realize. My life has evolved since these women have entered my life. I've opened up, put myself out there and took some chances. What started 4 years ago on a whim of attending an event in Omaha...flying solo...not knowing a soul has brought these amazing people into my life. I would have never crossed paths with them if it wasn't for Teresa McFayden and her Silver Bella event!
And to them I am thankful and blessed.

Thanks for being my friends and encouraging me!

Colleen Moody, Shea Fragosa, Natalie Hansen, me and Stacy McGinnis



17 years....where did the time go?

17 years ago I gave birth to the last baby of the family. Wow time sure flies!
Happy Birthday Chris!!
Love you bunches,