Friday, September 4, 2009

A Look Back At Summer

Ok...ok...enough already about not posting all summer long. It's been a busy and adventurous summer. First time I can remember that I actually vacationed and played all summer long. Don't get to do that very often.

June started off with the craziness of high school graduation for Melissa and Stephanie. Ceremony was fabulous and we had a little party that following weekend. Lots of family and friends came to wish them well. Oregon State and University of Oregon watch out. These girls are heading your way.

School ended for Chris a week later and off we went on our South trip. Spent 3 days at the CMA Festival in Nashville. We had a blast! Weather was a little "HOT" but oh well. Us Oregon Coasters are not use to that much heat. Saw a couple awesome concerts with the kids' favorite singers. How can you describe Miranda Lambert, Heidi Neufeld, Taylor Swift, Sugarland, Kenny Chesney, John Rich and Montgomery Gentry all playing in one concert. 4 1/2 hours of music...Wow! By about 3 hours the boys were ready to hit the road but not us girls. We could have stayed all nite long. ;)

Everytime we ate at Cracker Barrel (everyone's dinner choice) we spent at least an hour rocking and playing checkers.

Next off headed to Memphis and than south. Made our way through Mississippi, Louisiana (tell me why anyone would go there...yuk but it was also 110F and 100% humidity), Alabama, Kentucky and rounded back out through Nashville. Loved Kentucky, what a beautiful place. Last night in Nashville we were greeted by a major lightning and rain storm. Boy, I thought we got rain. Hotel lost power and we had to be re-routed to another hotel.

We sent the boys home and the girls and I went off to New York for a few more days of play. Oh how we love New York. We shopped and shopped, saw 2 great Broadway shows and got a great tour by some of New York's finest firemen. They BBQ'd for us and took us for a ride in the fire truck. Wow, that was fun!

Well, wasn't home a week and took Steph for 2 days to orientation in Eugene at University of Oregon. Still can't believe she's gonna be a DUCK!! Then next week followed with 2 days of orientation in Corvallis at Oregon State University with Melissa. Chris is glad at least she's a BEAVER!!!
The mid of July brought my Bella Girlfriends to town. Oh how I love these girls. Natalie, Colleen and Stacy thanks for coming and playing with me. I love my goodies! It's so nice to get a chance to hangout with girls that just get you. Hope we can do it again really soon. I'm all up for shopping, food and fun art classes. You know Colleen, I'm gonna have to get that Fart Book for Chris for Christmas! I can't believe how hilarious that was. Hope the boys' liked it

Me, Lisa Kaus, Natalie, Stacy and Colleen...Lisa Kaus' Workshop

August started off with County Fair time...boy what a long week. Worked at the church fair booth everyday. Didn't really see much but had a good time working with some great people.

Mid August took us to Kahneeta Resort with Joan and Matt. Just Chris and Steph joined Joe and I. Played a little in the Indian Casino, had a great Salmon Bake and an adventurous water rafting trip. Let's just say Joan and I didn't have the best of luck. I think we spent more time getting thrown to the middle of the boat and baling water than we actually did rowing. Fun times though. I know Joan won't be rafting again anytime soon!

The end of the month ended sadly with the loss of a special friend, Lloyd Miles. I'm so glad we had the chance to spend the weekend with them in May. You just don't realize how precious life is. Our hearts go out to Becky, Daniel, Andrew and Catherine. A true testament to such a great person....over 800 people attended his service. We'll miss you!!

Now we're rolling into September. Joe, the boys and Steph are heading to the first OSU game of the season. Not sure how our DUCK is going to disguise herself at the BEAVER game! Chris starts school next week. We move Steph in the weekend of the 12th, Melissa the weekend of the 19th and school starts on the 28th. Not sure when Brian is moving his stuff but he starts on the 21st. He's planning on commuting the first month until corn season is over.

And as everyone is ready to leave the nest, we added a new little friend to our household. The cutest little puppy ever! It'd be all great if they came potty-trained!!!

Now Fall finds us busy as ever. I'm trying to get my new website up and going and working on goodies for Silver Bella. Don't you just love staying busy!!


And that's the end of our summer......look out Fall here we come.