Friday, January 23, 2009

Just to Share...

Square Bezels with vintage wallpaper
Lots and lots of initial bubbles

Cute little Valentine necklaces

Sorry this one's blurry. I just love these puppies.

Vintage baby book picture and glass glitter necklace

I love this one!!

Love this old pic of my grandparents. The blue glass beads remind me of the old cups they used to use in cafes when I was little.

I love old pics of children. This one is behind a piece of mica to make it look even older.

My other grandparents in a heart shaped bezel.
Something about men in uniform!!!!

I loved smashing this old spoon.

Little girl on her first communion. I have about 5 other bezels with different girls. Must be because I'm Catholic that I just love these pictures.

Little Valentine surprises!!!

Fun little wool batting hearts
Wow, can't believe I finally got a few things up to share. I've got so many other pieces started. I've been working on tons of different bezels..round, oval, hearts, rectangles..Now I just have to decided what to put inside of them.
I've trying a couple different ideas with bezels and twisted wire. Let's just say it's been a little trying. Not quite turning out how I envisioned but I'm not giving up on this one.
I have lots of paper mache birds that are just awaiting coats of paint. I'm hoping to get to those this weekend.
Now that I've shared with you maybe I can motivate myself to work on Etsy. Wish me luck!!!
Have a great weekend.


Denise said...

Lonnie, your work is gorgeous! I'm still struggling with those little soldered balls... yours are perfect.

Hope you're well!


PS: come over to my blog giveaway!

Shannon (Faith and Chocolate) said...

You've been a busy girl! Very nice pieces! I LOVE the little heart bezel- oh so very cool!