Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So long month of May.....it's been a busy one!

I can't believe the month is almost over. So many things going on and events happening.
The girls had a fabulous prom. Who wouldn't with the bunch of cute kids?
Jason, Stephanie, Patrick and Melissa

Andrea, Stephanie and Melissa
The girls got to have their cousin from Seattle attend Prom with them. These three girlies graduate next month.

Fabulous...what more can I say.

Christina and I took a class at Sally Jean's studio. I love this place. Had a fun day and Christina got her groove with the whole soldering thing. Made Momma proud! :-) Sad to hear Sally Jean is moving though. Hopefully not too far away. Or maybe I should say farther, more of an excuse to do a little traveling. hehe

This is the place the hubby took me for Mother's Day. Let just say the outside is a little rough. When we pulled up I though Oh My God...where are you taking me?
Cowboy Dinner Tree
Best food I've had in ages. No electricity. Everything is run by solar power. Food is cooked on an open BBQ and with propane. Enjoyed good company with some friends and had a fabulous weekend!

These projects have been consuming my time lately. New paint, cupboard doors, rug and such.
I redid the doors. Added trim, metal and new knobs. I love them. Not sure if I can talk the hubby in to new sinks. Why did they like pink sinks and tubs in the 60s anyway? Oh well, I've lived with them the last 17 years anyway!

Just a close up of the new doors.

Just a little project I did for my Momma for Mother's Day! The picture is of her parents when they were first dating. I love this picture.

Just something for myself. Don't do that very often. A little 5 generation pic of me, my mom, grandma, great grandma and great, great grandma.
Wow the month in review was a long one and I'm sure I left somethings out. The rest of the summer plans to be a busy one too.
First off, Graduation! Yeah!!
Headed to Nashville, New Orleans and New York the week after for 2 weeks.
Girlfriend visit in July.
Fair in August.
whooo...what a summer!


natalie said...

Love your bathroom, it's so pretty! I love the bead board, and the tin tiles on your cupboards.

Congrats to the girls!! Hopefully in July I will get to meet them!

Will Sally Jean still be there in July?

Oh, and love the collages too!!

Stacy said...

I love your cabinet doors and the glass knobs! Guess what? I have a peach bathtub and toilet!
Y'all have a wonderful vacation!

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Those doors are beautiful!