Sunday, June 7, 2009


Oh Melissa and Stephanie, I am so proud of you. You have accomplished so much this year. Congrats on all the scholarship awards.
Watch out OSU and U of O, you've got two amazing girls heading your way!
Me, Melissa, Steph and Dad.
Can you tell we are proud and happy parents??

Nothing makes our clan happier then goofing for the camera. I just love this picture. Totally suits their personalites.
Mike (Jenn's Hubby), Jenn and Peyton, Christina, Melissa, Chris, Stephanie and Brian
I'm so glad we have fun-loving kids. Makes life a much more enjoyable place.

Graduation BBQ
Of course we had to pick college colors for decorations.

Sugar cookie bouquets I made for the tables.

Joe, aka BBQ master, preps his yummy honey BBQ chicken and ribs.
Tasty stuff...even if I am a little bias.

Great turn out to wish the girls luck. Love time spent with good friends and family.
Just a little clean up left. Mainly returning borrowed chairs and tables. Not much food left. leftovers.
Now time to get things caught up here before we leave Friday for vacation. Can't wait. Heading to Nashville on through Alabama, Louisiana back up to Kentucky and return to Nashville.
Then the boys head home and Christina, Melissa, Stephanie and I head to New York for 5 days.
The boys don't have any use for the city so we're off to play, see a couple shows and hopefully do some shopping. Bring on the heat...I'm ready!

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