Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's a Glittery Girly Thing

Where do I start to describe the time I had with all these girls and about another 180 ones not pictured. Silver Bella has turned into an annual event and I'm so happy to have found this little place of heaven located in Omaha, Nebraska. The creative minds just amaze me, the friendships are life changing and it's like one big party!
These Indiana girls and my roomies are fantastic! Such blissful souls that have so much to offer.
I can truly say...they are amazing friends.
Stephanie, Lori, Hope, Julie (the Roswell, NM girlie who makes the most amazing caramels ever), Natalie, Stacy, Cherie and I after the welcome dinner on Thursday night.

My roomies, Nata-Loo and Stacy-Poo. I love you girls more than you can imagine. Your friendships have meant so much to me. You encourage me, make me laugh and are always there for me. It's amazing how you can have friendships with girls you only see maybe once or twice (working on that three times) a year. Thanks goodness for email.
Me and Cari Kraft, the shredded paper queen. This girl is so talented. She made the most adorable centerpieces for our luncheon. And she sent me home with a big box of paper shred. Thanks Sweetie....I love that stuff!

Natalie, Stacy, Rebecca Sower, Julie and I.
What an amazing instructor Rebecca is. So warm and friendly. This was my favorite class and I can't wait to do more. Here style is out of this world and I'm so in love with it.

Vendor night....my table. It's amazing how many goodies you can put on a 6 foot table. Great night, sales were good and I meant more fabulous glitter loving gals.
As always, this trip was amazing. The new friendships, talents shared by them, and connections made are so worth it. I'm so glad I have the chance to attend the event. Wish Colleen could have made it...miss you girl! Maybe next year.
I wish I had more pictures to share....I'm not good at the whole camera thing. Ask my family about that one.
Thanks to all my Bella friends...love you all.


Wanda said...

I'm glad I got to see you again this year. I didn't get to see your table all set up..it was beautiful..thanks for posting a picture. Thanks again for joining my swap again this year...I can't bring myself to open the tin yet. :)

natalie said...

Your table looked gorgeous and glittery! Imagine that!...I didn't get a pic of it. so I might steal this one for my blog! And, they say that third time's a charm...heehee

marlis said...

Wow it looks like it was soo much fun. Thank for you for the gorgeous ornament!! I am truly living a blessed life. The vintage image of the Christkind is so charming. OMG, it's as if you knew that this german girl loves your 'stuff'. thanks again, from the bottom of my heart!

Cristina said...

Hello sweet Lonnie-
It was so great to see you again at SB. I just wanted to thank you for the amazingly generous treats you included in our vendor bag. And the bag itself...yum!!! I just love your design aesthetic. Have a wonderful thanksgiving!

meleen dupré said...


love my "nest" necklace from vendor night and everyone else loves it too!!!

thanks honey!!

JemJam said...

Hey! Your table looked really good! It was cool to be surrounded by greatness!

Thank you for helping us out on vendor night, I was getting so cranky and felt so gracious for your accommodating behavior.

Colleen said...

blaaaahhhhhh....me crying....next year...fer sure y'all.

stephanie said...

Love the photos! Absolutely had so much fun spending time with you, Stacy, and Natalie at Silver Bella...It's like I've known you all for years!