Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Homefront News

First off....we want to wish this soon to be new member of our family, Rhyon a safe return from his current deployment to Afghanistan. We're so proud of you!
Hoping these next 7 months fly by for him and us.
Stay safe and we're praying for you!

These to never cease to amaze me. They both just got granted some amazing scholarships for school and some fabulous internships.
Stephanie will be headed to Iowa for the summer.
She'll be doing an internship at Iowa State University.
Thinking I will be paying her a visit...
considering there has to be fabulous antique shopping there!
Melissa will be finally a little closer to home.
She got an internship in Pendleton with NRCS.
Now she'll only be 6 hours by car instead of 6 hours by plane.
You girls make your Momma proud!
Keep up the good work!

This little beauty just celebrated her 25th Birthday!
I can't believe it!
It just seems like yesterday she was the little baby!

And rounding off this week....
Brian turns 22.

Boy these kids are growing up!
Just seems like yesterday they were following me around
like little ducklings.

So proud of them all for all there accomplishments!



Hope said...

I love hearing about your beautiful, talented and amazing kids. You never cease to amaze me. Wish I was seeing you at Bird Song....we have to meet up at an art retreat somewhere this year.

melissajenck said...

I love you Mom :)