Friday, December 2, 2011

Home Project Galore

You all know how home projects start. You see this item you just love.

Well I fell in love with this Pottery Barn light.

Bought the light and it sat in the box for months.

Hubby and I finally put it up and WOW...I loved it.

600 watts of lighted bliss.

The kids are pretty sure they can sunbathe on the table it's so bright!

Well you know how it goes...then the fan was really dated.

So I looked and looked. I wanted just the right thing.

And thank you Monticello's Antique Mall.
Lo and Behold...a vintage milk can strainer. With a little customization thanks to the boys, this took the place of the dated fan.

Ignore the popcorn's ugly but this girl ain't scraping that crap off!!

And then the pulley...oh the pulley! My favorite.

We found the lights at Home Depot and customized them a little. Cut wires and rewired them through the pulley. And thanks to the boys, Brian and Chris.

They lost out and were voted the ones who had to climb in the icky attic insulation to hook up the wires. But this Momma loves it!!!

And this was my summer project. I took all the old plywood doors off our pantry/laundry room cabinets. Added ceiling tin and moulding. I'm getting pretty good with that miter saw.

Nothing like a girl and her powertools!!

And the handles....well those are all old Ford wrenches. The boys welded threads onto them so we could use them as handles. LOVE....LOVE.....LOVE!!

Just another view of the laundry from the other side.

And the final piece to the laundry room puzzle. I had this huge, ugly electrical panel.

Well my Dad found me these great pieces from an old sewing machine. Voila!!

The main piece covered the box and the lid covers the switches. Easy fliptop access to the panel. It just needed a little creative touch. So here it is!!

Hope you enjoyed the trek through a few of the projects. Still finishing up the bathroom.

This shower curtain is going to be the death of me! Almost got it though!!




Sjenck said...

Ahem. Excuse me- I think you're beautiful daughter had helped out on these home decor occasion. I even had my coveralls on!

natalie said...

OMG! totally in love with the pulley light!! LOVE,LOVE,LOVE!!! xoxo nat

Junebug said...

I love all your new light but that pulley light is my favorite. Speaking of popcorn ceilings. I scrapped all of it off my house. It wasn't that bad, just a little messy. Now I am in waiting mode for the contractor to finish the new texture. Hopefully he is done today. My house is bare as you can see on my blog. Not the best choice in timing on my part for the holidays. I think your laundry room is magazine worthy, love the tin and handles. Great Job!

Debbie said...

I just happened upon your blog; loving your style!!! Were the cabinet door handles a cinch? I have been contemplating flatware for my cabinet door handles. love the look!!!