Friday, April 18, 2008

Busy Week

Can't believe it's already Friday....where did the week go? Monday started off with the youngest son's Confirmation at church. A wonderful group of about 25 kids. Of course, I forgot the camera. Daughter Jenn, the bakery owner, made cakes for the celebration. Oh yummy...coconut cake, choco cake with custard filling, and yellow with lemon filling. I could have eaten a piece of each.

I've been on a Spring Cleaning run this week. After owning a store for the last 15 years, things were just a lil unorganized. So can you believe it....I cleaned out every cupboard in the house. Wow did that make me feel better. I have one still full of stuff to get rid of on Ebay. But man does that feel good!!!!

Yesterday I tackled the garden shed. Had the kids move cabinets that were over my after surgery 15-lb weight limit. I have a lil more to do but it's close. Next I'm on to my lil' cottage where I house my mail order company. Not too much to do there because it's filled with boxes of goodies headed to the Farmgirl show in Spokane in June.

I have to share a few photos of my crazy girls and there friends. The girls and their younger brother are in the school musical next week. Practices everyday. They've been getting home between 9:30 and 10:00 every nite. I think it's starting to take it's toll. I think this was a way to blow off some steam and push the buttons of there favorite librarian at school. Yes...they have a favorite librarian. They will admit they are true NERDS!!!!

Have a great weekend and hope you enjoy the pics.