Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Farmchicks Here We Come!!!

After weeks of preparation it's finally here. Christina and I've spent the last few days loading the pickup. It's amazing how much you can get into the bed and backseat of a pickup. I don't think we left any space unused. We managed to fill every piece with goodies and worked it like a jigsaw puzzle. Oh no...what about our suitcase. Maybe that will mean a shopping trip for clothes too. HEEHEE

So many great vendors are coming. The hubby's afraid I might come home with more than I'm taking. Could possibly be...we'll see!!!

Christina and I are definitely planning a girl's weekend. That means shopping, eating goodies, maybe a facial and the Sex in The City movie. I'm addicted. Just wish the other girls could come. Jenn's too busy at the cafe and the twins have finals. BOO HOO Oh well we all leave next Sunday for (hopefully) SUNNY CALIFORNIA. I'm sure that will be a jam packed week...I'm so excited. We haven't all gone on a trip together since Washington DC and New York last year.

I'll try and take lots of pics to share when I get back.


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