Monday, April 13, 2009

California Girls

Oh the time I had with these girlies!!!
Spent a few days in California and got to meet up with these fabulous girls.
I met Colleen and Iva on my first Silver Bella trip. I went alone and met them at the airport
on my way to the hotel. They became my pals for the weekend of the show. We've stayed in contact via email and I'm so glad they got to spend the day with me at the Alameda Antique Market. I roomed with Natalie at Silver Bella this year. So happy she made the couple hour trip over to the market too. I'm hoping everyone had a good time. I sure did. It's so nice to get together with girls that "get" your style. I really needed that creative boost.
Thanks girls, you made my weekend.!!!!

Me, Colleen Moody, Iva Wilcox and Natalie Hansen

Isn't this the sweetest? I finally have a crest.

A gift from Natalie when we went to lunch after the market.

Okay...I know hard to make out. I did 2 Easter Swaps and these were my ornies I got. I originally had the first swap hanging on birch branches but they couldn't hold the weight of all my goodies. Still cute though!!