Thursday, October 15, 2009

Art in Progress

During the art retreat this weekend the comments about how bad I am at posting and showing my art was topic of discussion. So here goes a little look at the works in progress. If you're in the Sweet Treat Swap for Silver Bella, close your eyes at the last picture unless you don't want to be surprised! ;) A collection of snowman heads waiting to be turned in to something adorable!
These little guys were just aching for me to roll them in mica. Oh how I love my mica.
And yes, 50lbs of mica will last a lifetime. Just be warned!

These little ladies are waiting for finishing touches. Not sure what that is yet but I'm sure they'll be whispering ideas to me everytime I look at them. There really good about that.

A grouping of a few finished pieces and a few not. I'm totally loving the baby shoes. And that paper shred from Cari Kraft is amazing. Just love it!

A whimsical little clock, Lisa Kaus style. Thought I needed to add one of my birdies too!

This is the picture I worked on in Stephanie Lee's Selective Painting class at Art and Soul. I'm so in love with the technique. I'm hoping to do some things on a smaller scale for Silver Bella. Let's hope I can get them done.

The one finished piece from Terri Brush's Art Retreat. I adore this look. I really am more of a rustic girl at heart.
Ok...don't peak if you're a Sweet Treat swap partner. Thought I'd show you a little sneak of what I put together.

A soldered charm made from a copy of an original piece of art I made. I put the same imagine on the tin for the charm to rest inside.
So, there you go. A little look at what I've been doing and the oodles of things I have to finish. And that doesn't count the 50 million ideas swimming in my head. Oh there just isn't enough time in my about yours?


Stacy said...

Wow, TWO Posts! Can't wait to see you either sweetie! I love all the snowman heads, I think our room may have that "mica glow"!

farmgirlbella said...

I'm definitely going for that "MICA glow" Our room will have a lovely shine going on. Better than glass glitter in the bed I guess ;)

Terri Brush Designs said...

Lonnie.. Thanks so much for joining us at Art Camp!..hope to see you back in April, the planning has begun!.. thanks for my gift too , LOVE IT!

Wanda said...

Since I'm the hostess of that swap (and will see them before everyone else anyhow) I peeked. :) I love them and I love the matching reminds me of something Julie Collings would do (making the matching label from artwork). The ladies are going to love them...thanks for joining the swap.