Friday, October 16, 2009

Class Projects.... Almost Finished and a Halloween Treat

I love white, love, love them. Sprinkle them with mica and they're even better. I decided I needed a piece of Halloween art for myself. I love how it turned out. Now I'm waiting for the mica to dry on my paper mache pumpkin doll I made in Terri's class to sit with it. The doll is so cute...can't wait to show you pictures.
Aren't these crystals the sweetest things? The project was to make them for necklaces, which was great but I have another idea for mine. Now I'm in search of an old metal lampshade and these are going to dangle from it with pretty ribbons. Mmmmm....yummy! I love the mannequins. Now if I could only find an old one to display jewelry on I'd be in heaven.

Not a great shot. This was the competition piece for Terri's class. I didn't solder anything at class so home she came to finish. Kat gave us the old test voila it became a little flower vase. I think she's going to sit on my window sill in the kitchen.

And the last piece...the soldered house. Thanks Joy for the little piece of bling. It really needed it. This is one side.

And this is the other. Notice I use this picture a lot it seems. They are my maternal grandparents and I adore this picture. Just happen to still have the picture in my bag from the weekend befores class. So glad I did.
Okay....I really must be sick. Three posts in a row. What was I thinking??
Off to the art room for more creations today....yeah!!


Halo Hill said...

It was fun, wasn't it? I love your pieces! You can definitely have my perm rods as soon as I find them! I'll send them to ya, but I won't let you pay me. Something tells me they might be clear?? Do you still want them if they are? I couldn't email you back from your comment, so I thought I would tell ya here. Please send me your address and I'll look for them.

My email address is: sheshe {at} mt angel {dot} net


Terri Brush Designs said...

Lonnie, I LOVE your finished Pieces! your competetion piece is FABULOUS with that test tube! WOW you would have won!!..
I cannot wait to see your pumpkin doll, she was adorable unfinished!.. hope you can come back to Art Camp In april!..