Saturday, January 23, 2010

Can you say Scrumptious

Well I treated myself to a few hours of splurge. I've been so needing to restock my bead supply and low and behold they were having a Gem Faire in Hillsboro. So off I myself. No one to say.... come on are you ready yet. Pure heaven.
I'm not one that really likes all the crystals and that kind of stuff. But let me tell you, only 4 booths and a couple hours later. This is what I got. The colors are fabulous and the textures wonderful. Not your typical Michael's and Joanne's beads by any means.
Now I can't wait to play.


Cheryl said...

Those are gorgeous, Lonnie! I do hope some of them will find their way into our jewelry round robin! So, did you finish the sausage rings?

Charlene said...

Lonnie, I can't wait to meet you at Heart & Communion!!!! I wish I had known about the bead show in Hillsboro. I don't live that far from there & have been dying to go to a bead show. I know there was a big one in Houston this weekend because Diane Cook (whom I took a class with last weekend in Round Top) was going to that one. Next time you know of one close by, please let me know & MAYBE we can hook up & go together. I went to the Trade Mart for market on Monday of last week & got some beads there. Have a great week. Charlene

Hope said...

I love the big white round ones. Can't wait to see what you create with all of the purchases. I get so much accomplished when I shop alone, but honestly I wish I could have been shopping with you. When I saw you walk in to Second Chance in November my heart was so happy! Happy creating.