Friday, January 15, 2010

Valentine Inspiration

All I needed for a little inspiration was to be part of the Valentine Petite Inspiration Box swap hosted by Heather of Speckled Egg. Oh I had so much fun gathering all the little treasures to head off to Jenny, Stephanie and Joanna. So girls.....don't peek if you want the surprise spoiled!

Hope you girls enjoy these!




Hope said...

WOW! YOur blog looks awesome. You have been busy and your boxes are beautiful. Scrolling through makes me sad to be away from you. Stephanie is so excited to be 'swap' partners with you. I will mail my boxes off today as I am leaving for Poland next week.

Jenny Fowler said...

I loved mine - it was awesome! Thank you Lonnie! It is a pleasure to swap with you again!

stephanie said...

I certainly loved mine...It is sitting right on my kitchen bar and I swear I open the box and admire all the treasures @ least once a day....