Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Countdown Begins can believe Christmas is in a couple days. Presents are all wrapped, a few crafts are done, and tomorrow the goodie making gets done. The girls and I are spending the day making candy. Boy, the holidays have been a little stressful this year. I'm really having to re-think having a store, mail order business, and doing farm books. I'm kinda sad to see one of them have to go, but I've stretched myself a little thin. As I looked around the house the last couple of days, the house didn't have much of a Christmas feel, which makes me really sad. I tried to make up for that today and did a bunch of decorating.

The season just hasn't seemed like it should be here. Maybe with the flood the first of the month, being gone for a few days, and all the busy stuff the month slipped by. As I'm sitting here now, we have a houseful of teenagers here. I think about 8 or 9. Most of them are in vocal ensemble and they have been singing Christmas carols for the past 30 minutes after there movie got done. Nothing like carols to get you in the spirit......thank those teenagers. I think I needed that.

The kids have been busy the last couple of days. As I said, the house has been full of teenagers. They've been making caramel corn, fudge, soap, perfume, and who knows what else.....It was quite the sight last night as all of them, boys included, were wearing aprons. The boys had the girlie aprons on. I hope they got pics.

Well I best go. I got a new magazine I'm dying to read.
Have a great weekend, at least what's left.



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Colleen said...

Hey...when are you going to update this thing girlfriend???