Thursday, December 20, 2007


Oh my.....what happened to the month of December. Talk about a busy month.

Got back on Sunday from Vegas. The city that never sleeps. Didn't have a chance to get rested up on this trip. Joe and I went with 2 other couples. Arrived Thursday evening and stayed up way too late our first night. Sandy, Joan and I spent all day Friday at the Cowboy Christmas shows......oh my what a show. I found everything I wanted for furniture if we every build a new house. I love the rustic furniture. You know how they say.....everything but the kitchen sink.
Well let's just say I hauled a copper sink home in my luggage. It was quite the site. It is absolutely beautiful, a copper beauty with embossed pinecones on the inside of the basin. I told Joe we are building our new house around that sink. HaHa

Saturday I spent the day with Sandy shopping at Fashion Show Mall.......Joan needed her gambling fix. Spent most of the day at the mall until my arms couldn't hold anything more. That night we went to the great steakhouse, Gallaghers, at New York New York Casino. If you want a great steak dinner, that's the place to go. Let's just say we were stuffed to the gills.

Left Sunday afternoon for home. Now the chaos begins. I spent Monday catching up on mailorders that arrived while we were gone. Spent Tuesday at the shop and once I got home went through presents to see what else I needed. Let's say I was a little short and spent the day Wednesday in Portland doing mega shopping.

Well now it's Thursday and I think I'm done. Now the wrapping begins. Every year since the kids were little I only put tags on presents with no names. I love watching them trying to figure out whose are whose.....which means I have tags to make today and the wrapping begins.
I do my mother-in-laws shopping for the kids so I need to deliver presents to her today too.

Well I better get started.....I think it's gonna be another long day. My house needs a Christmas makeover. Let's just say I still have pumpkins on the porch. Tree's up with 6's been that way for a week. At least it has lights. Chris said it looked pretty pathetic last night and was going up to the attic to get the boxes down. Boy I was waiting for someone to volunteer for that one. Thank goodness.

Have a wonderful, chaotic day. I know mine will be.