Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Finds

Boy has somebody been looking over my shoulder. Check out this couch I bought today at the church rummage sale. Rummage...I think not. It's fantastic. Even the fabric isn't half bad.
But I'm thinking maybe something more cream and chocolate!
We'll see....just couldn't pass it up.
A few little trinkets. Loved....loved...loved the old bible.

And what girl wouldn't want a miter saw for $15. Well, I've been wanting one for years and it just said pick me....pick me.
Works like a dream too!

Have a fun weekend everyone!


natalie said...

Girl, you are on a roll!! Love the sofa!!

Cheryl said... are definitely the "queen" of finding fabulous treasures! Can't wait to see what you find next! SO glad we will get to spend time at Silver Bella again this year! :)

Cherie Wilson said...

It was good to see your sweet Birthday girl, sweet finds and sweet friends gifts........I will try and stop by more often. Good to see you again! XO