Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Heavenly Day

What started as a Good Friday day of running errands for Easter weekend turned into an amazing stop at an estate sale brimming with treasures for me to take home.

Isn't that little beaded purse amazing. Made in Belgium (my mother-in-laws) home country. It's amazing.
Jewels and more jewels. Steph was with me and just had to have the Glenn Miller cassette tapes. Not that I don't love him either! And check out those little oil containers. I have a thing for those. Don't ask me why but I just love them.

These little treasures were in a bag of scraps the lady told me to take. There's 10 of them and they were all hand stitched. I can't imagine the hours this little lady took to stitch them!

Two lovely quilt tops...score $5 each. And look at that Grandma's cookie jar. It'll probably never be filled. It's so big it would probably take 12 dozen cookies to fill it! :)

And heaven. The lady couldn't believe anyone would want all this religious stuff. I told her I was Catholic but she was still surprised. Amazing chain on those rosaries!

Aren't these the cutest little Avon bottles. I'm thinking these crown bottles are awaiting a creation for Silver Bella. Don't you think so too??

Loving the pictures and the statue is the most beautiful color. And what could be more perfect than the 2 little lambs. Oh and Colleen...if you're reading this, a little piece of that heavenly blue velvet is on its way to you. I know some little dolly is just waiting for it!
One perfect Good Friday!


natalie said...

My, Oh my...that was a score!! Good job, girlfriend!!!

melissajenck said...

"Why is this cassette tape so BIG?!"-Steph

"That's an 8-track Stephanie."-Mom

"Oh. . . I've never seen an 8-track before."-Steph

Hehe :D I love our family.

dragonflydreamer said...

The crown bottles are so familiar from my childhood. I can't remember the name of the parfume, but it was from Prince Machevelli(?).