Thursday, April 8, 2010

I Have Amazing Friends...

Wow have my friends been thinking of me lately.
I'm so blessed to have such good friends!
This book arrived a couple of weeks ago from Colleen. She knew I would love it.
And boy was she right. The recipes are amazing. The stories fabulous.
So far...fantastic. I've tried the cinnamon rolls and onion strings.
What a hit they've been!
Can't wait to try some more recipes.
Hubby thanks you too...he even read the book!

And this arrived today.

Natalie just knows me to well.

I guess being known

as the "dairymaid", as Stacy says, has its pluses.
Isn't it amazing.

The little people are so adorable.

Isn't it wonderful to have friends that just "GET YOU"

Thanks Girlies!!!

I love them!




Junebug said...

Isn't that cookbook great! PW will be at Powell's - Cedar Hills Crossing on the 19th, 6pm this month. Bring your book to get it signed. I'm bringing mine! Love the charm! What would we do without our girl friends?

Denise said...

I'm cooking my way through PW's book, hop on over when you get a chance to see what I've already made:) I have 2 blogs one is my cooking with PW where I am posting all the recipes I try. Will be back to read more of your lovely blog later. Just wanted to say hi.

Hope said...

I just love your sure have been busy. I have been too busy to pop over...but I have been catching up with you. Love the crown avon bottles....have bunches of them and wanted to do something last year with them and haven't. I am sure you will make the perfect thing. Love your craft room...what a piece of heaven!

Colleen said...

LOVE LOVE the perfect for you...oh that Natalie! Glad you are enjoying the book. I knew it would be right up your alley with that gang of yours. Very meat and potatoes...I have made the creamy mashed potatoes....too die for...and the pot roast....both YUMMY!