Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Great Day...with the Kids

What a wonderfully sunny Mother's Day!
The kids and I went for a Mom's day breakfast at one of our fave's,
Alices Country House.
Spent the morning laughing, chatting and of course eating. I love it when everyone is home and we can have some major family time. Just wish Joe could have been there to enjoy it with us. He'll be home tomorrow from Belgium.
I can't believe what amazing adults these kids are becoming.
I'm so proud of the paths they have taken and are setting out to take.
I am truly blessed that God has had a part in their destiny
and they welcome him with open arms.
Who would have thought 25 years ago I'd have
6 kids, 2 son-in-laws (Patrick almost) and a grandson.
I am one thankful Mom to have such a fantastic family!
They'd step up to the plate for anyone who needed it.
And what would our family be without another one of our favorite pics!
We're pretty sure Chris wasn't saying the pledge of allegiance...but with him you never know.
Still gotta work on those son-in-laws. They don't quite get it yet!
Maybe next year!!
Thanks for the fantastic day kids.
Your Momma loves you bunches.

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melissajenck said...

We're the most awesome family ever. Thank you for being the best mother anyone could ask for! :) Or even when we don't ask for it. ;) XOXO