Monday, May 10, 2010

Oh Decisions....

Oh goodness do I need some help. Fabric swatch samples came today for the couch I bought at the rummage sale. They all have a linen look background.
Hmm...I like the brown. Maybe with the main part of the couch the floral and the seat cushions dark brown.
Or do I love the linen back lighter patterns better? Oh decisions...
Will it hold up to kids, grandkids and dogs?
Let me know what you think.
Here's the couch below.

Come on girls...don't let me down. Let me know what you'd do!


Colleen said...

mmmmm...the black would be quite dramatic...what is going to surround the couch?? Show us the room !!

Cheryl said...

I agree with Colleen....I need to see the room, but they are both lovely!

marlis said...

I would go for the floral brown.. it's so classy.. much more forgiving with kids, dogs and life.
btw - love that couch!

Marci said...

Hi Lonnie - I love that couch - I was thinking of buying it - I'm sure Geoff is glad you beat me to it. I am leaning toward the beige or brown, more neutral then could do a lot with accent pillows.