Monday, November 5, 2007

Count Down

Only a few days left until I hop on that airplane to Omaha. I can't believe the long wait is finally here. I've been busy at the shop trying to get things ready before I leave. Once home, the creativity starts flowing. Making a couple things to share with my roommate Taylor from South Carolina. Can't wait to meet her in person.

The hubby keeps asking what I'm working on as I come out of the craft room every night covered in glitter. Oh how I love to sparkle.

Made a few crowns. I was hoping my twin girls , Melissa and Stephanie, would be home for a short while to model them so I could take pics. They have such busy lives. Busy couple of high school classes, speech team, dance, fall play, music.....not sure how they do it.
I could ask Chris, our freshman boy, to model them for me, but I'm sure that wouldn't fly.

Still need to pack my tool kit for classes. Not sure what I'm putting everything in. I'll have to see what I can find tomorrow after work.

Goodnight XOXO


James said...

Hey Farmgirl..this is your tree topper swap partner, Carol. I just wanted to check out your site here and can appreciate all you are doing! I wish I was on a farm too! Can't wait to see pics or your tiaras and find out how your trip to Silverbella goes. Hope you have a blast!
Carol (

vivian said...

hi farm girl! can you please email me your email address so can add it to your info? also, I've updated my blog with snowman swap info!

Anonymous said...