Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A time for prayers....

As Thanksgiving approaches, I just wanted to remember of few special people in our prayers this week. Giving thanks for our family and friends is so important. Please pray a extra prayer for some special people we know.....Mike, Shelley and Riley for Riley as he goes through chemo treatment.....For Jan, my sister-in-law's sister as she starts her chemo treatments after Thanksgiving....and to my dear friend, Iva, as her family prepares to spend the holidays without their beautiful daughter Brianna.

I am so thankful to have these people in our lives and I wish them all my love during these difficult times. I can only imagine the feelings they are enduring and I wish them all the best.

Please take a quiet moment and say an extra prayer for them this week. I know he'll be listening.


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Carol Campbell said...

Hello Lonnie,
I will keep your friends in prayer and remember reading about Brianna before. While we are celebrating and thanking God for all we have, we are keeping in mind those who are struggling. God Bless your family this Thanksgiving. I hope to post on my blog this evening, somehow. I am still workin slowly, slowly, on your topper..life gets moving fast, but I suppose I am best under pressure. (??) by for now.