Thursday, November 15, 2007


Oh Boy....where do I start. Talk about the most incredible time imagineable. I wasn't sure what to expect but it far and above the best ever. It was truly spiritual for me. Getting to meet 150 women and a few men (Joel you were a kick). I met the most fabulous girls at the airport waiting for our shuttle to the hotel. I felt like a came away with 2 very good best friends at the end. They were amazing.

Colleen, Iva and I at one of our classes. These two are so much fun. We shared a lot of laughs and a few tears. Iva's daughter passed away this summer and to hear her story was nothing short of amazing. Her daughter was truly an artistic soul. I am so glad I got to hear the stories about her. Having children myself I cannot imagine the pain Iva has endured. I hope talking about it was good therapy for her. I cannot wait to hear more stories about her.

Colleen, the famous Jennifer Paganelli (Of Sis Boom fame), Colleen and me. Jennifer's classes were so much fun. I was so glad I got to take this class with the girls.

One of our class pics......can you tell we are having fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I had the pleasure of finally meeting Jenny and Aaron from Everyday's a Holiday. I am so glad I finally got to see them. I've been a fan for so long. They are such a gifted pair and have very warm personalities. I got the pleasure of taking there White Christmas class and of course came home with a kit for an extra one and for their Let Them Eat Cake class. I promise Jenny I will send pics of the cafe. I've only been promising them to you for a year or so.

Then there's Amy Powers from Inspire Co. What a delightful person. She truly has a heart of gold. Her Sugarville houses were amazing. I am so glad I got to buy a couple.

And Kim Kwan....aka the Energizer Bunny. I took the Wish Journal class. So much fun. This gal goes 100 miles per hour.

She has the best personality. I wish I would have gotten her picture at Vendor Night....talking pink tutu, pink striped tights and lots of bling....she was truly adorable.

This was the only picture I had that turned out from Charlotte Lyons class. We made the most adorable felted wool trees. I plan on making lots more of these. Quick fun class. Charlotte is a sweetheart. I also took her Sparkle Cardholder class. Met Amanda Willey in the felted wool class. What a sweetheart.
We took a walk to town and ate at Delice. It's a must stop when
you're in Omaha.

That's all for pics.....except the ones I haven't taken yet of all my
treasures I purchased. I'll share those later.

I definitely plan to attend again. What a wonderful weekend. I met lots of new friends, went to fun shops....Second Chance Antiques is another must stop, and had a few great meals. Didn't take much time for eating out. But Upstream makes a killer Candy Cane Martini, I could of have a few of those. We spent most of our evenings in the bar lounge with groups of new friends. I really enjoyed getting to know all these people and learned so much about them. I hope Lorraine starts a blog....she's such a kick. You'd love her story about knitting. Husband Joel is definitely a trooper. His ONE knitted sock was too adorable.

Take a minute to visit Colleen and Iva's blogs....lots of pics. Who knew I'd meet the famous Colleen Moody and Iva Wilcox. Thanks for making my time in Omaha so outstanding.


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Iva said...

Lonnie!! I miss you! When are we going to plan another creative weekend?? Your photos are wonderful and your compliments are so sweet. I will talk about my beautiful Brianna always and would love to tell you more. I hope your week has been good and that you enjoy your family on Thanksgiving. Love and hugs...Iva