Thursday, November 29, 2007

Where has the week gone....

Boy the week sure went by quickly. Spent Thanksgiving at Jenn and Mike's...first family dinner hosted by the oldest daughter. She did us proud!!!! All 20 of us got fed, stuffed and sent home with leftovers. That's what I call a family dinner. If you know my family, we are a big one. Everyday dinners usually consist of at least 6 and like most days can end up with 10 to 12. The girls have lots of friends who stop by.....somehow they know our dinner time is 6:30. Love having them though. The conversations at dinner are wonderful. Gotta love teenagers.

One of the girls' best friends, Kari, is on overload. As a 16 year old junior, she's trying to graduate early. She's trying to take a full high school load and she's taking 21 credits at the community college. Our house happens to be closer to town so everyday she stops to eat. How can you resist??? I had to laugh the other night. She grabbed dinner quick and headed out the door and realized I was making a chocolate cake....of course at 9pm after class she comes for cake. She didn't think she would survive without it. Oh to be young!!!!

I've been working on some things lately. Trying to stay motivated after Silver Bella.

Friday is mine and Joe's 22nd anniversary.
I found this adorable pic of him and decided to make a little charm for myself.
Isn't he soooo cute. Thanks to Jenny and Aaron.....I adjusted my let them eat cake
picture and customized it for my husband.
Still have to add a couple things but here it is so far.

Here's a few other things I've been working on. Some for a couple swaps I am in and the letters are for the shop. Sorry only sneaks on the swaps, don't want my recipients to see them yet.

I'll post pics of the finished things once my swap partners receive them. I've got a few other things about done. I'll post those later.

Off to work at the shop today. Trying to stay motivated. Tonight the twins are in the high school play, Rumors by Neil Simon. All those weeks of practice and it's finally here. Hopefully I'll get a couple good shots of them.

Tomorrow Joe and I are off for our anniversary. Every year we head to Portland for the weekend and start our Christmas shopping for the kids. I am a total looker and have to take everything in before I buy anything. He's just the opposite. Make a list, buy it and go home. Not my idea of shopping!!! He asked me last night if I had my lists ready and I just laughed. Do you think after 22 years I am going to change......I don't think so. He wasn't happy with that answer. He thought maybe I would be willing to do it his way this year...not a chance.

Well after this lengthy post I better get off and start my projects. Need to get a few things done before going to the shop. I have 175 packages of cheese to go out on Monday and I need to get a few boxes ready. Doesn't that sound like fun!!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone. Maybe I can flick a few pictures of our weekend. They are calling for possible snow so it might make the trip interesting.



vivian said...

Hi Lonnie, just stopping by,, your havent been here in a couple weeks huh? hey I'm just wondering if you and your partner for the snowman swap had any problems making a snowman connection? let me know K? I'm dying to see the ornaments that you both made!!

Donna Layton said...

Hi Lonnie!
I did not know you had a blog. When I saw a link to it I came looking for your tree topper. I guess one of these pictures is a peek at it?? Thank you for participating. I hope you had fun. I love your J&A cake piece. I'm sure Silver Bella was wonderful. Take care!